Fancy Bakery
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About Fancy

Homebaked Desserts was created in 2002 in Saffron‘s home kitchen. Saffron had been working as a Food Scientist at Unilever for 14 years and, disappointed with the quality of cakes and desserts on offer, decided to turn her long held dream of a dessert making business into reality…

Fancy Cafe

Based in the Black Tom area of Bedford, we offer hand-crafted cakes, savouries, biscuits and desserts prepared using only the finest ingredients, fresh from our in-house bakery. Cinnamon buns, savoury scones, party cakes and the best chocolate brownies in Bedford.

Fancy Bakery

All Fancy's recipes use ingredients you would find in your home. We source the finest quality ingredients using no additives or preservatives and bake fresh in small batches everyday. We only use real butter and fresh free range local eggs and good quality dark chocolate to create a fantastic range of handbaked products.