Fancy Bakery
Brownies & Bars

Brownies & Bars

Our customers claim that our brownies are the greatest, we bake them with studded seasonal fruits or topped with cheesecake and fresh raspberry cream. Made with the finest quality ingredients, one bite of these will have you coming back for more.

  • almond-macaroons.jpg

    Almond Macaroons

  • biscotti copy.jpg


  • blondie-bars.jpg

    Blondie Bars

  • bread-pudding.jpg

    Bread Pudding

  • chocolate-brownies-&-fresh-cranberries.jpg

    Chocolate Brownies & Fresh Cranberries

  • chocolate-brownies-made-without-gluten.jpg

    Chocolate Brownies - made without gluten

  • chocolate-brownies.jpg

    Chocolate Brownies

  • cookies-&-cream-brownies.jpg

    Cookies & Cream Brownies

  • crunchie-chocolate-bars.jpg

    Crunchie Chocolate Bars

  • malteser-bars.jpg

    Malteser Bars

  • mars-bar-bars.jpg

    Mars Bar Bars

  • paradise-slice.jpg

    Paradise Slice

  • peanut-butter-booster-bars.jpg

    Peanut Butter Booster Bars

  • trillionaires-tart.jpg

    Trillionaire's Tart

  • trillionnaires-slice.jpg

    Trillionaire's Slice

  • yorkshire-fat-rascals.jpg

    Yorkshire Fat Rascals